Casino Games

Roulette is the most popular of casino games and no fun casino night would be complete without a Roulette table.

Place a bet on a single number, odds 35 to 1, split two numbers, odds 17 to 1 or play the even chance bets, black, red, even, odd etc.

Change your 'Fun' money at the Roulette table and your croupier will give you colour chips, everyone will usually have different coloured chips, this helps you quickly identify whether you are one of the winners.


Blackjack is a variation of Pontoon, and by far one of the most popular games, an ideal game for novices & the more experienced player. This is certainly another one of those must have games, at any fun casino night!

The essence of Blackjack is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. Over 21 and you lose!


Casino Stud Poker is one of the easiest & friendliest of poker games, in which the players are trying to get a higher hand than the dealer's hand - they are not competing against each other.

Casino Stud is played at a table similar to blackjack. The attraction of the game is the high pay-off if you catch a good hand which qualifies.


Craps offers fantastic odds - It is also one of the most exciting casino games with the fastest action and the most noise with players shouting, chanting and cheering.

If you already have some knowledge or know what you're doing, you should go straight to the Craps table.

Craps is played with two dice, players bet on the outcome of the numbers thrown. The player throwing the dice is known as the shooter. Other players may place their casino chips on the table's layout and win or lose according to the numbers thrown by the shooter.

Other Games

We also have a selection of other games which include "Wheel of Fortune" and "Brag" and "Casino Holdem" which is a type of Texas Holdem played under casino rules

We have many tables to choose from so if there is something that you want then just ask, we most likley have it